We see in the distance, our long way home.

Jan 3, 96 CA.

Ode to goodbyes..

We’ll always be unfinished business. I regret ending things before even beginning them, but that’ll always be my personal regret. All I know is now I’m kissing someone else, but somehow still kissing you.. but it’s okay, it’ll pass and I’ll move on as will you. And I’ll forget your face and name.. as will you. 

you’re nonchalant and cold towards me, but hey, it’s totes my fault for acknowledging that and feeling hurt. Oops.

Love hasn’t found me yet, and it probably never will.

My brother thinks i’m afraid of him… is that a joke? You’re dumb as fuck and weak minded. Your feelings get hurt for the smallest. What was wrong with me telling you to go to school? It was good advice, you should stop being so stupid and take it. Bout you’re going to attack me, next time, I will be pressing charges. 

One day a guy will point to me and say “that’s my girl” and he wouldn’t be ashamed, he’d be proud. One day.

Everyone “falls” for the wrong person the first time. I mean, I did.
Breathing is overrated, we should all just stop.
Please excuse my fan girl moment, but…

ANTHONY COLDWINTER liked my picture.. a picture of me, of all pictures ^.^ I’ve been “in love” with him since I followed him, so this is a pretty big deal to me.. LOL okay I’m done. Good Night :* 

He’s your son, but not my brother. When I leave, I don’t have to take him with me. He’s your burden, not mine.

Sex does not define how mature you are.. your life experiences do.    

You can’t fucking stop talking to me, delete me off fb, and then start liking my friends pictures and posts… friends you’ve never ONCE acknowledged before. I don’t give a fuck if you thought what they posted was funny or if you think they’re pretty, don’t do that. That’s just fucking inconsiderate, if you don’t want to be involved in my life, then you’re not allowed to come in any contact with the people that do. And I know you like to play the motherfucking spy and creep on my blog and ask me stupid ass questions on my Ask.fm, so I hope you read this and a shark fucks you in the ass. I’m still just fucking angry and I’m going to remain angry until I get your fucking face out of my head.

Don’t tell me you like me, then deny it 5 minutes later. I’m not like the majority of this dumbass generation, I take my shit seriously. Don’t tell me you like me just because you think it’ll make me feel better about myself. I try not to fuck around with other peoples feelings and I just expect the same shit in return. If you can’t do that, go fuck yourself. 

You lost her & you only have yourself to blame 

When I say I don’t like games, I mean it. You fuck with me once, I’m done with you forever. I have a new mentality and I’m just trying not to get hurt.